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Póra Diligencia, Statement


Through a multidisciplinary work, and after three years of research, Luvier Casali proposes an experimental project that aims to immerse us in a bizarre world where reason is alien to coherence, and above all, with another vision, an altered view, like an “alter-visuality.”

Amongst composed of objects, prints, installations, and video-performance, art is presented where temporary and incongruous anomalies are present, the disturbing and ironic. These strategies are linked here in a sample that revolves around the central issues of the invisible, the traumatic, the story and the trace. Characterized by the use of anachronistic forms and aesthetics, archive images intervened with characters that reappear transfigured aiming towards a new mythical identity. Personal anecdotes and documentary type confessions exposed with a lens where the dark and the hidden emerge with the unknown. Indigenous elements that through natural processes are transformed and cease to be, directing our gaze towards what is in front of our eyes but remains veiled.

This corpus of stories that the artist fuses, making it more complex and replacing it with its own versions of the myth, it is presented in a world dominated by the visual. Here, everything we see becomes images that interrogate the unconscious, reveal and show the invisible as a substance of the real, in short, everything that escapes and remains outside of reason.

Asunción 2014

 see artwork “póra diligencia”